Be A Volunteer

Volunteering is a great opportunity to serve others, discover your gifts, and meet new people. Volunteer opportunities at RaEDA exist through a variety of events as well as an ongoing basis. Your time, energy, and expertise will make a big difference here at RaEDA, and we offer flexible schedules, a warming atmosphere, and various social interactions.


Ten Reasons To Volunteer

With every dollar of donations, we work hard to do the best we can for those in need in our community. Your donation is used towards the following:

1. You make a difference as every person counts.
2. Volunteering encourages civic responsibility.
3. You get a chance to give back to the community you care about.
4. You learn a lot and discover hidden talents, government functions, and community needs.
5. Volunteering strengthens your community.
6. It promotes personal growth and self-esteem and allows you to understand community needs.
7. It brings people together, unites people, and builds camaraderie and teamwork.
8. Volunteers gain professional experience and can test potential professional careers.
9. Volunteering saves resources and allows more money to be spent on local improvements.
10. It's good for you as it can reduce stress and possibly make you feel healthier.
To become a volunteer—email your interest to